Training Programs

Muay Thai Bag Class

Welcome to our version of a Muay Thai boot camp. Meant to not only teach Thai skills, but also be a great workout, this class will really get you in great shape. Have fun hitting and kicking the bags as well as working other demanding exercises into the mix. This class is great for beginners and experienced Thai boxers alike. This really is a class for ANYONE looking for a great workout. No previous Muay Thai experience necessary! Come give it a try, First class is always free!


Muay Thai Fundamentals

All skill levels welcome! This is where it all begins and is truly a class for any skill level. If you are a beginner to Muay Thai, this is will you start and gain a great foundation for learning the Sport of Muay Thai. Come to learn the basics or grind your technique to perfection. Whether you’re looking to get fit, learn a new skill, or become “fight ready”, this class is for you.


Muay Thai Advanced

Primary training in this class is based on free-style pad holding and sparring drills. Solid pad holding skills required. Structured more for competitive athletes, or people looking to train at that same level. Instructor approval necessary to attend and is based on experience level and abilities.